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Flexible Programs at Florida Technical College Respond to Market Need for Healthcare Workers

Posted on November 8th, 2017 by Florida Technical College

By: Jeannette Rivera-Lyles The demand for healthcare workers continues to be strong throughout the state, and particularly so in Central and South Florida. For at least three consecutive years, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has found on its annual surveys that, aside from construction, no other field generates more employment in the Sunshine State. A college education is necessary for those wanting to work in this field. But not everyone who wishes to be part of it can go to a conventional college with conventional programs and schedules. It is for these individuals that Florida Technical College recently launched new Medical Assistant and Medical Billing programs in a blended modality, with both online classes and on-campus instruction. “This is ideal for busy people because it affords them plenty of flexibility to tend to their families, jobs, and other obligations as they pursue their career goals,” said Leiby Adames Boom, acting Vice President of Academic Affairs. Registration is now open for these programs, which enable students to access coursework from a laptop or mobile device whenever is convenient, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. At the same time, students will have the best of the two worlds by being able to come to campus for labs and hands-on training, as well as to interact with instructors and fellow students. Jocelyn Tizio, 21, is one of the students taking advantage of the blended program. Tizio wanted to get a college diploma but because she works full-time in retail, her goal seemed unreachable. “I don’t have the luxury of not working,” said Tizio, who is pursuing a diploma in medical billing and coding at FTC Kissimmee campus. “That pretty much killed my chances of pursuing a diploma at most colleges. Being able to fire up my laptop when I have a break, at any time of the day or night, was my saving grace.” “Tizio expects to graduate in December. She represents the type of busy student that inspired the creation of these programs”, said FTC President James Burkett, PhD. “This is a great opportunity for people with busy lives, jobs, and families to pursue a stable and promising career path,” Burkett said. “The blended approach reduces the need for childcare and transportation costs, while increasing their availability to work while in school. It is truly a versatile and flexible approach for working adults that maintains the benefits of face-to-face instruction while allowing students to better manage their lives.” The Medical Assistant Technician Diploma Program is designed to prepare students to obtain entry-level employment as medical assistant technicians. It offers them the opportunity to learn online, in the classroom, and in a supervised clinical practice. Students also learn how to prepare patients for various technical examinations, such as EKGs and phlebotomies. The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Diploma Program prepares students to obtain entry-level positions in the medical billing and coding area through a combination of both clinical and administrative training. Both programs are available in the blended, online/on-campus, format at the following campuses: Cutler Bay, DeLand, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Orlando, and Pembroke Pines. Program Availability varies by campus. Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended our programs available at  

Healthcare Degrees: Earn The Skills for a Career With Vast Opportunities, Prestige and Earning Potentials

Posted on November 15th, 2016 by Florida Technical College

As the demand for healthcare professionals continues to increase, the payoff for receiving an education in healthcare rises with it. Through any one of Florida Technical College’s Healthcare Programs you could be among the many professionals who serve communities, while also bringing home a livable wage. Healthcare Degrees: An education that leads to a career in high demand: No matter what health care program you decide to take courses in, you can be sure that the skills you’ll learn will lead you to endless opportunities for employment. With the federal health insurance reform in place, the amount of individuals who have access to health insurance will rise, creating an increase in our aging population, and resulting in a higher demand for health services. As the amount of people having health insurance increases, the number of people seeking medical care will also increase, making the need for medical professionals even greater. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that just 2 years ago the healthcare industry employed over 18 million and had an average monthly job-opening rate of 3.9 percent. Having a 2.6 percent compound annual rate of change makes health care, only tied by construction, the highest of all industries. This evidence proves that an education with a medical assistant school such as Florida Technical College, that can provide degree and diploma options, will create a path to success in a field growing with need for trained individuals. A salary worth studying for: Whether it be a technical program studying medical billing and coding, or medical assisting, or a 2 year associate in applied science degree, any credential that allows you to work in healthcare will pay off financially. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently reported that occupations in healthcare are projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024. This growth in demand for individuals trained in healthcare will add about 2.3 million new jobs to the market. A growth like this is much faster than those occurring in any other profession, and will add the largest amount of jobs to a single profession than any other occupation. Not only will positions within healthcare facilities be readily available to graduates, but the average starting pay for most healthcare positions is a wage that is more than livable. Those who complete a 2-year medical assistant program can begin working with a starting salary of $30,590 as reported by the BLS website, making this short period of investment one that will pay off right away. Florida Technical College offers courses that could have you trained to become a medical laboratory technician, which leads to another salary that is definitely worth studying for. These professionals perform tests and collect samples to analyze tissue, body fluids, and other substances, earning a generous starting salary of $50,550 as reported by the BLS within the last year. When considering the flexible options that FTC has to offer in healthcare programs and degrees, any path you choose will lead to a lucrative career. A field with something for everyone: In studying healthcare you will have the chance to consider so many opportunities, not only for education through the variety of programs FTC has to offer, but also through the many options that will be available when choosing the right career and position for you. Careers in healthcare are diverse, each position requiring a specific set of skills and training. Medical professionals can choose to work in a position that puts them behind the scenes, completing tasks that require technical training, or on the front end of practices dealing with patients and the public. When making the decision to enroll in classes that will enable you to gain employment in entry level medical jobs, it is important to consider what environment you would enjoy spending your time in. For instance, FTC offers courses that give their students medical assistant skills, important for those who plan on working in direct contact with patients, doctors, and nurses on a daily basis. These skills include the administering of injections, taking patient vital signs, drawing blood, correct preparation of the exam room for the physician, and customer service skills that are needed in order to accurately schedule appointments and provide facility information. If you are someone who enjoys working and being in direct contact with people, a medical assistant program may be the right healthcare career choice. Others may base their educational needs and employment goals on the time they are able to set aside for their education. For those balancing a family and a full-time job, or for those who wish to start working as soon as possible, training in areas like medical reception or medical billing and coding can lead to entry level medical jobs while giving you the ability to work at your own pace, with the option of completing courses online on your own time. Medical coding specialists often work behind the scenes and are in charge of reviewing the previous day’s batch of patient notes that need to be coded. It is up to the medical coder to read the documentation and identify the patient’s diagnosis and what procedures were performed during their visit. They then take this information and put it into a more compact documentation using a specialized set of codes. This position requires the use and knowledge of computers and software programs, as well as the ability to work without supervision. Do you thrive when working alone? Do you have an eye for detail? If you answered yes, and you have the ability to take information and relay it in a more concise manner, this educational career path may be the right one for you. While jobs in the healthcare industry offer positions like medical assisting and medical coding, each accompanied by very different work environments and skills. Grow through education, and grow in your career’s field: One of the best incentives for receiving a healthcare degree is the amount of advancements professionals are able to make in their career. Receiving one degree […]